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Fun activities: sightseeing or fishing trips

Fun activities: sightseeing or fishing trips bandeau bottom

Live the dream: hop on board the Sakula! Expert skipper Samino will be on hand as your guide throughout your outing. Join Samino and set off for an incredible ocean experience, a unique vision of the underwater world, a trip around Futuna and Alofi, and even encounters with local deep sea fishermen.
If you have a little more time to spare, don’t miss the opportunity to go on a fishing trip - half-day, morning or evening. Fishing gear and bait are provided, plus expert assistance for beginners. Your chance to get up close and personal with the ocean in perfect safety. Pure magic!


Name of manager/owner

Monsieur TUFELE Samino

Phone number

How to get there

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pour la vente de poisson à Luanuku – SIGAVE / embarcation sur le quai de Leava – SIGAVE - Futuna

Visitor capacity

Tarif forfait de 1 à 4 personnes


Tarif sortie touristique - tour de Futuna 20 000 XPF
Tarif sortie touristique - tour de Futuna et Alofi 25 000 XPF
Tarif sortie de pêche - Matin ou soir 29 998 XPF
Tarif de vente - poisson frais 1 300 XPF le kilo
Tarif de vente - filet de poisson 1 800 XPF le kilo



Payment method

Cash , Cheque

What to see and do nearby

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Station service