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Bambou Bar

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Located in Leava, close to Malia Chapel, Bambou Bar offers guests an excellent choice of fresh fish and seafood. The paterfamilias is a keen fisherman dedicated to bringing home the finest possible fish for his restaurant and the chef is a master of the art of creating gourmet fish dishes from simple ingredients. Delicious food, a friendly welcome and very reasonable prices... what more could you ask? Don’t miss their mouth-watering speciality... tuna sashimi. And the stunning ocean views!


Name of manager/owner

Madame FATUIMOANA Bellona

Phone number

How to get there

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Leava - SIGAVE (Futuna) - Futuna

Opening hours

10 h - 14 h / 19 h - 21 h du lundi au vendredi

Sur réservation le week-end


Restaurant traditionnel

Visitor capacity

50 couverts



Payment method

Cash , Cheque

What to see and do nearby

Va’a Vakamoana


SB Travel (agence de voyages)