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Somalama Park Hotel

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If your dream is to sit back and savour a meal of delicious local food as you enjoy the sunset, Somalama is the place to go. Somalama, the restaurant attached to a family-run hotel in Toloke, features charmingly rustic decor and commands panoramic ocean views. Charles and his family offer guests delicious and generous set menus featuring a wide choice of specialities prepared with fresh local ingredients.


Name of manager/owner

Monsieur GAVEAU Charles

How to get there

Additional info


Toloke - SIGAVE (Futuna) - Futuna

Opening hours

6h30 - 9 h / 11 h30 - 14 h / 19 h30 - 21 h du lundi au samedi


Restaurant d’hôtel

Visitor capacity

40 couverts


Payment method

Cash , Cheque

What to see and do nearby

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Plage noire "Vainui"

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